Identity Management Services

TTI Account Usage

A TTI account is required for access to most Texas A&M Transportation Institute information resources. A TTI account allows the account holder to authenticate (verify their identity by entering the correct TTI account credential, i.e. I am who I say I am.) on any application using TTI Single Sign-On or Active Directory. Whether or not a person is authorized to use the resource they are trying to access with their TTI account credential is determined by the application separate from the authentication process.

InCommon Participant

InCommon ParticipantTexas A&M Transportation Institute’s membership in InCommon provides TTI account holders with the ability to use their TTI account credential to authenticate to participating higher education and federal government online services. TTI adheres to the InCommon Federation participant operational practices to provide assurance for our users and partners that our identity attribute assertions are sufficiently robust and trustworthy to manage access to important protected resources.

TTI Account Eligibility

There are two categories of people eligible for a TTI account – personnel affiliated with the agency through employment or some other pre-existing relationship, and personnel sponsored by an agency employee.

TTI accounts are available to employees of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute and employees of other Texas A&M University System members engaged in work with the agency. TTI accounts are eligible for deletion once an account holder is no longer affiliated with the agency.

A sponsored TTI account is an account created for a guest or visitor who requires temporary access to the agency network in support of legitimate agency business. Account sponsors have certain responsibilities – they have to identify and justify the business reason for the account and they must also communicate to the guest the agency’s rules on appropriate use. Sponsored accounts have an account expiration date set when the account is requested.