PE-17-727 Alternate Work Site

Alternate Work Site

Alternate Work Site
Physical and Environmental Protection
Unauthorized parties gain physical access to critical or sensitive information processing facilities due to inadequate physical security policies and standards.
The organization: a. Employs [Assignment: organization-defined security controls] at alternate work sites; b. Assesses as feasible, the effectiveness of security controls at alternate work sites; and c. Provides a means for employees to communicate with information security personnel in case of security incidents or problems.
An alternative, offsite work site is available in the event of a natural disaster in the primary processing location.
No statewide control
Obtain physical and environmental protection policy; procedures addressing alternate work sites for organizational personnel; list of management, operational, and technical security controls required for alternate work sites; other relevant documents or records and ascertain if the organization employs appropriate management, operational, and technical information system security controls at alternate work sites.