CP-06-727 Alternate Storage Site

Alternate Storage Site

Alternate Storage Site
Contingency Planning
December 8, 2016

The agency operates an alternate storage facility that provides near-real time synchronization of mission critical information processed at the primary facility. Operating procedures for the alternate storage facility shall be documented in the information system contingency plan.

The organization has not devised Information strategies which ensure that information vital to the organization's operation is adequately protected and recoverable at the time needed.
The organization: a. Establishes an alternate storage site including necessary agreements to permit the storage and retrieval of information system backup information; and b. Ensures that the alternate storage site provides information security safeguards equivalent to that of the primary site.
a. The organization has established procedures to perform and maintain backup copies of information in accordance with organization’s business continuity and disaster recovery requirements. b. The organization stores media back-ups in a secure location, preferably at an off-site facility, such as an alternate or back-up site, or a commercial storage facility.
Mission-critical information shall be backed up on a scheduled basis and stored off site in a secure, environmentally safe, locked facility accessible only to authorized state organization representatives.
Obtain contingency planning policy; contingency plan; procedures addressing alternate storage sites; alternate storage site agreements; alternate storage site; other relevant documents or records and ascertain if : (I)the organization identifies an alternate storage site. (ii)the organization initiates necessary alternate storage site agreements to permit storage of information system backup information. (iii)the organization identifies potential accessibility problems to the alternate storage site in the event of an area-wide disruption or disaster. (iv)the organization defines explicit mitigation actions for potential accessibility problems.