AT-04-727 Security Training Records

Security Training Records

Security Training Records
Awareness and Training
Identify, Protect
Control Oversight and Safeguard Assurance, Security Awareness and Training
August 17, 2016

TAMUS TrainTraq is the system of record for information security awareness training. These records are maintained in accordance with the TAMUS records retention schedule.

Service Management objectives are not achieved since personnel performing work within service management have inappropriate education, training, skills, and experience.
The organization: a. Documents and monitors individual information system security training activities including basic security awareness training and specific information system security training; and b. Retains individual training records for [Assignment: organization-defined time period].
The organization maintains records of information security training and monitored them for compliance.
State organizations shall maintain information security awareness and training records.
Obtain Security awareness and training policy; procedures addressing security training records; security awareness and training records; other relevant documents or records and ascertain if the organization monitors and documents basic security awareness training and specific information system security training.